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Meet the Business Bootcamp:

The epitome of a photography business course.



To allow anyone to create a sustainable portrait photography business using any business model, with any sales model, in any country.

You will need:

  • Dedication
  • Enthusiasm
  • An open mind

Please note: This course is made up of optional Units that you can pick and choose from depending on your current business stage and success level. The content is delivered in English.


Optional Modules




Info-packed course


Participation Requirements

To be a good fit for this photography business course, you will need to:

  • Be ready to build a sustainable business
  • Have photographic work of a saleable standard
  • Take your future business seriously
  • Be committed to this process

If you meet all of the above criteria, continue onwards!

If you are not sure that your work is of a saleable standard, consider booking a Portfolio Review One to One with Jess. 




This short, bonus unit introduces mindset theories and techniques to prepare you mentally for running a small business.




A chunky unit with around 7 hours of content, this contains everything you would need to start a business in brief.



Pricing for

Covering different pricing models, from art commissions to package options, this unit is all about nailing your pricing.



Selling for

A one-stop masterclass for selling your photographic work in a highly profitable but not-at-all pushy way. Sorted.



Grow with

 In production currently. Estimated release: February 2022.

What's covered?

Check out the summary of each Unit, plus what is covered, included as standard and optional if you’d like it too.

Although it is tempting to go straight to Unit 5 and focus on getting customers, there is literally no point pouring water into a bucket that has holes in it. Unit 1, 2, 3 and 4 ensure your bucket is ready for that water.

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Unit 1: Mental Preparation

This is a super short mini-course consisting of 6 video lessons that is packaged as a complimentary option with any other Unit. It does have its own optional mini-book (A5, instead of the usual A4) which is available for free (postage only) when bundled.

The Unit covers:

  • Core mentalities for business owners to adopt
  • Mental prep for business owning/runnning life
  • The mantras Jess holds close by every day

Access to this Unit is for a full 12 months.

Unit 2: Business Basics

This is a 7-hour long Unit consisting of 45 individual video lessons focussing on Starting Up Right.

The Unit covers:

  • Basic business theory to provide a solid foundation
  • Customer management, software and processes
  • Financial basics
  • Legal basics
  • Branding basics
  • Forms & branded assets
  • Planning & risk management

This Unit includes:

  • A 2-hour live demonstration of our recommended studio management software
  • A pack of 8 pre-formatted Canva templates for all forms 

This unit is also available with its own supporting Book, a 17,000 word A4-Landscape guide and workbook for completing Unit 2 correctly.

Access to this Unit is for a full 12 months.

Unit 3: Pricing for Profit

This is a concise Unit lasting around 2 hours, consisting of 13 individual video lessons focussing on pricing your photography in a sustainable way (to ensure you can put food on the table, pay the bills and have some cash left over to, you know, enjoy life like a normal person).

The Unit covers:

  • 4 photography business models, including the pros and cons of each
  • 3 photography pricing models, including the pros and cons of each
  • 3 core calculations that you need to pair with the models above to make it sustainable
  • Guided implementation with a recorded live example with Imogen, an equine photographer

This Unit includes:

  • A live walkthrough of pricing with Imogen, including pricing digitals in bundles for increased sales
  • Access to The Pricing Calculator spreadsheet for you to put your numbers in and then go!

This unit is also available with its own supporting Book, a 7,000+ word, 48 page A4-Landscape guide and workbook for completing Unit 3 correctly.

Access to this Unit is for a full 12 months.

Unit 4: Selling for Success

Unit 4 is a one-stop-shop for selling your photography to the clients that you gather over the next unit. Selling for Success is just over 5 hours in length, consisting of 25 individual video lessons mainly focussed around In Person Sales [IPS] (that can be done online too).

The Unit covers:

  • 3 photography sales systems, including the pros and cons of each
  • IPS basics and things you will need to get started, both budget and studio options
  • A full session customer journey constructed to assist with sales volume/value
  • Product selection options and recommendations
  • Sales skills for you, the photographer
  • Price lists – the anatomy, sales psychology and options available
  • The IPS session process, from start to finish
  • Objection handling & online options

This Unit includes:

  • Audio recordings of 2 IPS sessions, 5 years apart
  • The full Q&A from the last time we ran this Unit as a standalone online workshop
  • Supporting IPS resources and links to suppliers

This unit is also available with its own supporting Book, a 12,500 word A4-Landscape guide written to frame all of the above in an easy to navigate format.

Access to this Unit is for a full 12 months. 

Unit 5: Grow with Guts

EST LAUNCH: February 2022

This Unit is currently in production and is set to be at least as big as all of the other units combined. This Unit is a Marketing Masterclass for photographers who operate in portrait photography markets, and uses a real business as an example all the way through. This Unit will only be launched when we have the proof we need that the tools inside work effortlessly.

The Unit covers:

  • Marketing theories (building on Unit 2s foundations)
  • Marketing channels
  • Marketing tactics
  • Marketing strategy formation
  • Campaign templates for multiple channels including social, offline and SEO
  • Metrics and measures

This Unit includes:

  • WAY too many things to cover in this list right now!

This unit is also available with its own supporting Book, an enormous A4-Landscape guide written to frame all of the above in an easy to understand format.

Access to this Unit is for a full 12 months.

Grab your Units:

To secure your access to the lessons, you’ll need to purchase access using the product link in this section. There are options so take a peek at the choices available, remember that if you bundle the Units together using the Bundle Creator (in the yellow box), you’ll save a a huge percentage on the overall course investment.

Remember, this is a self-learning course delivered over video lessons. You will need an internet connection and all content is delivered in English. To view the terms and condition, please click here.

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What about individual options?

If you DON’T want to add more than one of these items below to your account, then feel free to use the links below. If you purchase one of the Units or Books individually and then decide to opt into a Bundle, we cannot add the bundle discount later. Remember that! 

What others said about the Units:




9 reviews for BB: Unit 2 - Business Basics Access

  1. Kathy Burgess (verified owner)

    Absolutely outstanding course! Jess goes into so much detail in a way that is easy to understand and follow. I would highly recommend this course to anyone either new to business or someone just wanting to further their knowledge. Thank you for such a fantastic course!

  2. Anna van Zwol (verified owner)

    This course is invaluable for anyone thinking of or currently in the process of starting up their own photography business! The units are put together so well and deliver all the theory and information in a way that it is easy to understand – and always with a caring and personal touch from Jess!

  3. Tatiana Ortiz (verified owner)

    I found this course so helpful! The content was just what I needed to get me going in the right direction. It was well-thought-out. It felt genuine, heartfelt, and honest. I can’t wait to complete her other courses. Thank you Jess!

  4. gerrit callebaut (verified owner)

    A perfect bootcamp that even if you are still in your early stages or beyond, you should not miss this one.
    In no time you will feel more confident in what you do and learn from this business bootcamp.
    The perfect explanation, the right tips, the right links and so on. and if in doubt, this bootcamp is worth every penny. Looking forward to the rest

  5. SUSAN TAIT (verified owner)

    I’m so pleased I signed up for the Business Bootcamp. Jess gives so much valuable information away in this course and I can’t wait to put all I have learnt in to practice

  6. Steve Cole (verified owner)

    This course is just great. It goes through everything you could possibly need to know about setting up a business, and even provides really handy extras to get you started. Best money ever spent (business wise)

  7. Atina Janssens (verified owner)

    This course is great! It might be my best investment up to now. It is of a major value. Jess is not just a great photographer, she is a great coach as well.

  8. Jessica Buck (verified owner)

    Honestly, Jess is a great teacher and this is a great start if you want to really make this photography business a thing! You won’t regret it!

  9. Jamie Tempest (verified owner)

    This really does cover everything you need for starting your business. Whether you are just launching your business or need the assurance you haven’t missed anything in the beginnings of your business this course can help you!

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Pricing for

5 reviews for BB: Unit 3 - Pricing for Profit Access

  1. Kathy Burgess (verified owner)

    Excellent from start to finish. Jess explains everything really well and takes the time to make sure each topic is covered thoroughly. Would highly recommend this course.

  2. SUSAN TAIT (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic. For me this was a totally different way to look at my pricing. Jess explains things clearly and the spreadsheet she includes makes all the difference. It was so easy to follow and has given me the confidence to use these prices that I have now set. Would highly recommend this course.

  3. Steve Cole (verified owner)

    This is such an informative module within the Business Bootcamp Course. Jess explains things in a way that is easy to understand, which really helps. I would highly recommend this course to anyone seriously looking at making photography their chosen business

  4. gerrit callebaut (verified owner)

    If you want to ad up you numbers and pricing this part is the one to go to. In this unit you can’t go wrong everything makes sence and ad up at the end. Perfectly explained step by step and you feel confidend of you numbers at the finish line. Great work again.

  5. Atina Janssens (verified owner)

    I would highly reccomend this course, actually all of them! Jess explains it in such an understandable way that it all makes sence. I will definetly review my pricing now. Thanks Thattogspot team!

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Selling for 


Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.



Grow with

Not yet live.

Frequently Asked Questions

About the online course:

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If I purchase some Units before they all exist, can I still get the bundle discount?

Yes, absolutely. If you opt to get started with the available units before the final ones are released, you will receive access to the new content for the same dicsounted fee that you would have received had you waited until the final bundle set was available. 

How long do I get access for and can I extend this?

Access to the lessons is set at a specific length of 12 months by default. We would recommend taking your time to work through the lessons and practice each topic before moving on, but schedule time into your week to complete the content.

Extensions are not permitted for this course as standard, but you can get lifetime access connected to an MTog membership if you need additional time.

How is the content delivered? Can I download the videos?

The lessons are delivered as videos that are viewable on any device. All video content is in Ultra HD 4k format, hosted securely away from this website for page speed reasons. The average file size of a lesson on this website is around 10GB and therefore downloading video content is not an option.

Some lessons have supporting downloads which are marked clearly with a large button, as well as a brief description of what you are downloading. These downloads are as small as we can possibly make them. Please be patient, they will transfer!

Can I access the lessons in any order?

The first time you work through the courses, you will need to follow the order provided. This is because the content was created to be delivered in that order, and future lessons will refer to things in previous lessons.

After you have completed a lesson once, you can go back to it at any time, in any order.

How is this course different to your YouTube videos?

YouTube is a platform governed by an algorithm, and as such, videos there are planned, constructed, edited and delivered in a specific way. Each video is short, fragmented and covers a teeny topic as quickly as possible with as little information as possible to get the topic explained.

Jess doesn’t cover business topics regularly on YouTube and those that are featured have nowhere near the same level of detail as the units here do.

Do I have to sign up within a specific time-frame?

No – this is not a gated enrolment. You can enrol for the course at any time, though any discount codes are likely to be time-restricted. The deadline for the code, if you have one, will be where you found the code (for example, in an email).

About The Books:

Why does The Book exist?
Why do The Books exist?

The Books for each unit have been created after the incredible feedback on the book that was launched for the Online Advanced Canine Portrait Course. It was so well received that we felt it would be good to also provide a optional Books with each unit for this course too. 

Each book is coloured to match the course Unit and when sat together, act as a box-set for business.

What is in The Books?

The Books contains supporting notes, examples and guides for the online Units. 

They are available for purchase separately, but we think they work best with the course content.

I live in <country>, can I still have a copy of The Books?

Yes of course – we can ship to any country in the world, including Antarctica! So if you are living with the Polar Bears, we can get a Book out to you in less than 10 days.

Why are The Books heavily discounted with the units?

2 reasons. Firstly, the two were created together, so Jess feels that they should be received together. To make this as viable as possible for you, we’ve discounted it heavily if you bundle it with the course lessons. Secondly, if you’re already signing up for the course content, you will have paid for access to the secrets it contains so there is no reason for us to charge you twice for this information – and so we don’t!

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