Online Photographers Training

Reach your potential from the comfort of your own home.

“I am so very pleased to be able to release some online training options for photographers who would like additional insight, support or guidance with all things photography.

I have worked hard to create 3 different training options, each lasting 1 hour in length per session, to cover the core areas I am most regularly asked to support. One of these areas has been active and running for over 7 years with great success, just under a different business. It feels good to “bring it home” under the That Photography Spot umbrella.

Please scroll down to view one to one options. Spaces are released every week in a rolling month-by-month format. If a the one-to-one day doesn’t work for you, please get in touch and we’ll work out a day that will!

At this time, I do not offer camera-based online tuition because it’s too difficult to troubleshoot and access menus remotely, however, you could use the Portfolio Review option below to discuss technical areas and assess better setting choices for your work.”

New for 2022: The Recording

Optional addition to any online One to One is a recording of your session showing the screen throughout. This is then sent via WeTransfer after rendering and compression to you for your own reference.

Please note: Reproduction, sharing, copying or publishing of this recording is strictly prohibited.

About the one-to-one range:

Option 1:

Editing One-to-Ones

Whether you are brand new to Adobe Lightroom Classic or you’re looking to up-skill your workflow in Adobe Photoshop, if you have a laptop and are ready to improve, we’ll probably work well together! 

To complete these sessions, you’ll need a laptop, the Adobe programs (Lightroom Classic and/or Photoshop), a reliable internet connection and a RAW file that is technically sound (sharp in the right places!).

We’ll connect initially on Zoom and then you’ll allow Jess to have remote access to your computer via Teamviewer (also free). This allows us to very quickly and very easily control your screen to show you a particular tool or technique instead of continually saying “up a bit, a bit more, to the left” on repeat!

By the end of an editing session, you will have, completely solo, completed specific editing techniques to add dimension, flair and finesse to your own work. You can opt instead for Jess to work on your file whilst you take notes, it’s up to you!


“I’ve used Photoshop for 12 years, Lightroom for over 7 years and edit most days of the week in some way, shape or form! I have great success using this format for editing tuition online!”

Editing one-to-one result below. 1hr. RAW to jaw-dropping!

Photography one to one

Option 2:

Business One-to-Ones

An enormous field to cover but in brief, individuals usually choose this option if they are starting a photography business and want to get off the ground well, or if they have an existing photography business that isn’t performing particularly well.

Usually, we cover business structure, pricing, IPS, marketing, SEO, social media, portfolio reviews/strategies for growth and product choices, but really this can be anything you need it to be.


“As well as having operated a successful photography business for over 6 years, I also handily have a CIM Dip in Strategic Marketing and regularly work on both small and international scale marketing and strategic business projects for both photography and non-photography businesses.

The largest budget I’ve ever personally managed for a single campaign is £250,000. Return on investment and profitability for you is a priority for me.”

Option 3:

Portfolio Review (Deep Critique) One-to-Ones

Whether your goals are to take amazing photographs of your children or to win an international photography title, this one-to-one option has the capacity to give you specific, actionable pointers of what you can improve to get to the next step.

Usually, we look at your portfolio – a collection of images (10 minimum, no maximum!) and critically assess them against each other, your goals and aims and the competition.

This isn’t always an easy listen, but if you come in with an open mind and grit to improve, you’ll take more away from this one to one option than probably any other. Remember, Jess will be honest and frank – prep yourself with a notepad and pen beforehand.


“Although not a seasoned print comper, I’ve had a pretty solid season in 2020 taking the top awards with multiple organisations in both monthly and annual awards with pets and other subjects too. I have an eye for fine detail and my microstock background has left me with an uncanny ability to spot technical faults. I try to be kind and fair with my portfolio crit and it is always about how to improve, not what you’ve done wrong.”

Fast Track for Beginning Photographers

Rated 5 out of 5
July 21, 2022

I started to take private classes with Jess 9 months ago. I typically take one a month and I am soo happy with them. I wish I could take them every week, but I need to keep my budget together. (even tough the private classes are really affordable)
My progress as pet & people photographer has been enourmous – I feel. Its the most efficient way to grow as photographer. You can chose what you want to work on, it can be very general or very much into detail.
5 stars for Jess as teacher!

Susanne W

Invaluable portfolio review

Rated 5 out of 5
July 21, 2022

I had an 121 (portfolio review) with Jess after I have been an MTog for about 6 months and after I completed the Outdoor Advanced Canine Course. I prepared around 12 of my best photos for Jess to look at and I hoped for an honest feedback. I really liked that Jess was very open and frank, she didn’t beat around the bush but gave direct ideas on how to improve the photos. The hour went by in a heartbeat but was packed with practical and applicable information and ideas. I intend to do a 121 again in the future!

Nika K


Rated 5 out of 5
July 21, 2022

I booked a 1 to 1 with Jess with the hope of taking my photography to the next level. I was producing nice images but wanted to produce wow images. Firstly, Jess and Dan are the most relaxed and welcoming pair. They immediately made me feel welcome and at ease. About 15 minutes into our session Jess had already made me realise where my shortcomings were and transformed the way I thought about setting up and taking my shot. This experience for me was highly rewarding and truly invaluable. I have come away more motivated and excited than ever about improving my work. The images that I took with her on the day are to date, the best images I have ever produced. Jess is a wealth of knowledge and skill. She has an amazing way of teaching and communicating. Her and Dan put so much time and effort into our day and I cannot fault a single thing. I am definitely planning another day with Jess in the future. If you are on the fence about booking….do it! You absolutely won’t be disappointed.

Suzanne F

A fun and practical way to learn quickly

Rated 5 out of 5
October 29, 2021

The booking process was very efficient and some short notice changes were accommodated to suit my personal circumstances which was very helpful.
On the build up I was asked to submit my expectation for the 121 detailing what training I thought I needed etc. This of course can be a challenge as you don’t always know the questions to ask until you’re more familiar with the subject! My skill levels were discussed along with the equipment I would be using, this then enabled Jess to prepare the training to suit my needs. All of this was clarified in advance before the day.
On the day Jess went through the plan for the session to confirm that this was as expected and how this would meet my requests. Everything was well organised and very professional; my day went very smoothly. As the day progressed Jess went through each of my expectations to ensure we kept on track and she also answered questions as they came up. At the end of the day we reviewed what we had done and Jess was keen to ensure that we had covered everything and also that she had clearly answered all of the questions throughout the day.
In conclusion; the day spent with Jess and Dan was excellent, this reinforced my previous learning from videos and books and built on my practical experience adding real knowledge at a vastly accelerated rate. Jess is a natural teacher and I can recommend not only her teaching in general but the value of the 121 in the knowledge that is gained during the session.

Frank C

I have had a fear of studio photography for years, finally I booked myself in for a one-to-one.

Rated 5 out of 5
October 29, 2021

Jess walked me through the whole process. Meaning that by the end of our one-to-one I felt confident and competent to start offering studio work to my clients.
Jess was so generous with her time and knowledge. I felt I could ask her anything without judgement.