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Outdoor Canine portrait.

Level: Medium – Advanced
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Outdoor Canine Portrait Photography Workshop as an Online Course

Level: Medium – Advanced

Aim: To learn and replicate exactly what I would do for dog photography portraits in a live location, capturing “the shot” and being able to transform that shot with creative photoshop tools and conscious editing decisions.

This course is a step-by-step to create the style of work that I was known for in 2020 (see gallery below).

Please note: This course is a direct copy of the previous in-person workshop from the content, delivery time and much more. You WILL need to put in the work, but you can work through at your own speed. 

You will need:

  • Theory, Practical & Editing enthusiasm!
  • DSLR/SLT/Mirrorless Camera
  • Lens (70mm+ on FF/50mm+ on APS-C)

    ^ Ideal lens would be 85mm, 105mm, 135mm or 70-200

  • Computer or Laptop
  • Adobe Lightroom or similar (teaching is in Lightroom Classic)
  • Adobe Photoshop or similar (teaching is in Photoshop)




Hours of content


Info-packed course


Participation Requirements

To be a good fit for this course, you will need to:

  • Fully understand manual mode
  • Understand different focus modes on your camera
  • Confidently bring images into Lightroom, and pick/cull
  • Confidently use Photoshop

If you meet all of the above criteria, continue onwards!

If you’re brand new to Photoshop, we will be running bundles with the Photoshop for Beginners course. If you do not understand manual mode, view this. If you do not understand Lightroom importing, view this.

Please note, this course is delivered in English.

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What’s in it?

I’ve given this style of “woodland portraiture” away in this course through 3 sections on:

  • Theory
  • Shooting
  • Editing

In a nutshell, the course has:

  • Over 550 minutes of video content broken into 50 Videos
  • 4 Full-Edits, including a relatively complex composite
  • 3 end-to-end shoots in different locations with different dogs
  • A handy shoot checklist to take out for your homework
  • A handful of additional editing tools (not on YouTube)
  • A super in-depth theory section that avoids the basics and dives into the practical things we need to know

Have questions? Click the button below to head to the frequently asked questions: 

What others said about this course:

29 reviews for Advanced Outdoor Canine Portrait Access

  1. Rob Gale (verified owner)

    OMG!!! There are not enough amazing words available in the English language to describe this course. This is a must do for anyone who wants to be the very best they can be, best in their area or even best in there country, yes you will need to apply yourself and work hard, but every piece of the puzzle is in this course and nothing is held back. The information included will benefit anyone from a medium level right up to the working professional, and everyone who does it, will experience dramatic improvement and inspiration. It’s impossible to sum this course up because it’s so good. All I can say is, I have never experienced a course that comes anywhere near close to what this can do for someone.

  2. Claire Howes (verified owner)

    Jess is a fantastic teacher; down to earth, straight to the point, caring and very knowledgeable. This course will set you up to create beautiful portraits either for paying clients or for your own walls. She genuinely loves what she does and really wants you to succeed. The course is full of information, tips and tricks and can be challenging but is broken down in a way that you can easily achieve it.

  3. ERIC LANGLOIS (verified owner)

    The course is made for anyone that want to do professional work with a wow factor. I am very good in photoshop and took some advance course in the past and I must say that I was not disappointed given I learn lots of new things. I am sure one I master these techniques I will be able to use them not only in dog photography but in many other type of photography.

  4. Ailinn DallaSanta (verified owner)

    Incredible! Just wow. I highly recommend this, for EVERYONE – professional and beginner. It covers everything you need to know at any level and Jess is the best teacher I´ve ever seen!

  5. Laura Fiddaman (verified owner)

    If in doubt, just do it. I loved Jess’s straight talking videos on YouTube. I wondered whether the investment was worth it when there’s so much valuable stuff already available from her for free – it is SO worth it. I’ve come away understanding much more about what it is I see in my own images and how to create the art I’ve wanted to for a long time. I’d consider myself proficient in Photoshop before this course, but now I’m even more confident in what I can achieve. Thanks Jess and team!

  6. Jo Tresidder (verified owner)

    What can I say? I will try and write a review that will do justice to this course but I feel my words will not even come close to how life changing this has been for me. I had used Photoshop for editing but had no real idea to the basic, core principals that I needed first. I studied the beginners course first and I feel that if you have any doubts in your mind as to ability then this is a great starting place to go into the advanced with confidence. This is a challenging course and is advanced but Jess takes you by the hand and leads you through every step. As said, you will learn first the basics you need to progress and you will quickly understand WHY these are SO important. Camera settings, composition, light, live shoots, distractions (I never realised there were so many) and all of the bonus tips and tricks. Then the exciting part the editing and composites. I looked briefly at the first challenging composite and edit and thought “never, will I do this”, guess what?……not only did I but it looks fantastic and had to pinch myself to remember…..I did that!!. I am excited to take this forward into my own photography and the world is my oyster. I couldn’t leave this review without a personal note to jess and of course the full team. Words do come easy in life but putting those words into actions takes passion. Jess, I wish there were more people like you in the world today, we would be a far better place. Your knowledge, passion, belief and desire to improve others comes over throughout every step of the way in this course. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart…….YOU ARE A LEGEND

  7. Jessica Buck (verified owner)

    Honestly, WOW! There is not much more I can say, because everything has been said in the previous reviews. You learn so much and more. Jess goes above and beyond with this, if you are thinking about doing this course, JUST DO IT! You are missing out, if you do not sign up to this! I have followed Jess on Youtube and loved all her videos, this course is like her Youtube videos as she takes you on a journey with her of how everything and I mean everything, is done. Once you have gone through it, your photography mind will then change perspective on how you see things, I now look at just general photos and think about all the compositional angles etc. It is amazing how this was done virtually, and considering that, it was like we were there in person. Thank you to Jess, and her team, who genuinely have made one of the best workshops I have ever done!!

  8. Anna van Zwol (verified owner)

    Where to begin – when I started this course I knew pretty much nothing. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to keep up due to the difficulty of the course, but Jess is such a natural teacher and explained it all so well I found myself being able to keep up even though I had never even touched PS before! I have improved so much since starting this course and the knowledge gained is invaluable. This course has not only taught me so much, it has also awakened a passion for photography and an eagerness to get out there and practice and learn and experiment and see where my photography journey takes me! I would recommend this course in a heartbeat to anyone interested in learning more about portrait photography! Thank you Jess, for sharing your world of knowledge with us – it is so very much appreciated!

  9. Katie Brockman (verified owner)

    If you’re on the fence about this course, just go for it! I learned more than I could have ever thought possible from this course. From finding shooting locations to composition to editing, Jess covers absolutely everything in such a relatable and easy-to-understand way. Although Jess provide loads of invaluable information on her YouTube channel, this course is even more in-depth and includes SO MUCH knowledge. I’ve learned nearly everything I know about photography from Jess, and this course has truly changed my dog photography journey.

  10. Laura Turner (verified owner)

    This is by far the best course I have completed, it covers so much content. You can see how much heart and soul has been put into this. Jess is so engaging, inspiring and an amazing teacher and she really cares about the learners experience. The course being online has been a real benefit for me, being able to work through at my own pace has been so beneficial. I must say it is a bit like a good book that you just can’t put down though. I was just itching to get back online and learn more after every module. My knowledge has increased and my photography skills have improved massively. This course is definately worth the investment. I can’t wait to do more of Jess’s courses!

  11. Steve Cole (verified owner)

    I have never completed such a comprehensive course as this, and can say that it was worth every penny. Jess has such an amazing teaching style, that each step of the course is an absolute joy to complete. The content is very broad, from theory to practical in all areas of Canine Photography, and I certainly feel much more confident In my Dog Photography, since completing this course.

  12. Angela Isac (verified owner)

    Everything that everyone above has said. Comprehensive and in-depth with a treasure trove of advice and help. I’m much more confident in offering an outdoor dog shoot now as I feel that I can now offer something different. Soo glad I convinced myself to do it.

  13. Lynn Busse (verified owner)

    This course has been so fun and educational. I am so grateful to Jess for sharing her passion on her youtube channel (which I am hooked by the way!) and for the opportunity to take this course. I echo all that has been said in previous reviews. The knowledge I have gained of canine portraiture and editing will be practiced and used for many years to come as I embark on what I hope will be a fulfilling retirement “career”. It was well worth the investment! I can’t thank Jess enough for all the content and time she devoted to this course!

  14. Barbara Fedunchuk (verified owner)

    There was so much in this course that I have a book load of notes! I have learnt so much from Jess, and her teaching style is wonderful! I even had to get a cup of tea ready for each module. I am looking forward to advancing my career in pet photography, and really any type of photography. Thanks from across the pond!

  15. Jo Roach (verified owner)

    I am a hobby photographer who takes photos of her dogs while we are out hiking. This course was exactly what I have been looking for and what I needed, so perfect!!! I am fairly new to Photoshop, but Jess explains everything so clearly that I was easily able to follow along. I learned so many new skills! This course is packed with content. If you have enjoyed Jess’ YouTube videos, you will love the course. I was lucky enough to be able to get into the VIP Facebook Community where I learned even more through Jess’ individual critiques. Jess very generously shares her knowledge and genuinely cares about helping her students improve.

  16. Nicky Van Nuffel (verified owner)

    This time last year, I took my very first photograph on a DLSR camera. When I started researching how to take better photos of my dogs, I came across the Youtube Channel. Thanks to Jess and the team, and this AMAZING course, I am now a part-time dog photographer. I cannot express how much I’ve learnt from this course! I just know that I will never take a photograph again without hearing Jess repeating “composition is life” in my head, lol. Thank you Jess, for this course, and for encouraging me (and everyone else) to become a better photographer than I could ever imagine.

  17. Padraig Maguire (verified owner)

    Excellent course. It’s a one stop shop and when coupled with the Photoshop course even more so. I’m currently an amateur photographer with a goal of becoming a professional pet photographer. While the internet is packed with content, I found it all a bit fragmented and as a result, very hard to build my knowledge, especially in relation to Photoshop. The structure and pace at which Jess steps through all of her lessons, both in the field and editing, is streets ahead of any other content creator I’ve followed to date. She is also refreshingly concise. Having completed both the Advanced Canine Portraits and also the Photoshop Beginner courses and all those ticks are showing as ‘Completed’ I’m not left thinking ‘Glad that slog if over’, nope, instead I’m thinking ‘time to start them all over again’. Practice practice practice.

  18. Tig (verified owner)

    Loved every minute of it! Theres so much in-depth information, yet it is delivered in such a manner which does not feel overwhelming. The course covers everything that anyone who’s interested in improving their photography, regardless of your level of experience. I use Affinity Photo to edit my photos and was able to apply the techniques which Jess describes for Lightroom and Photoshop within the editing section.

  19. Katy Briscoe (verified owner)

    This has been the absolute best value-for-money online course I have ever done in photography. Jess is helpful, encouraging, gentle in her approach, full of useful tips and workflow processes, and the improvement I my photography already has been incalculable. Even as someone with 20+ years of experience as a graphic designer working with Photoshop she has taught me knew things and stretched my skillset enormously. I am so immensely grateful for Jess sharing her skills and encouraging the growth and passion in new photographers the way she does – this course could be double the price and it would still be great value! Genuinely can’t recommend it enough.

  20. Tiffany Champagne (verified owner)

    This course was amazing! definitely took my photography and editing to the next level.

  21. Susan Tuemkaya (verified owner)

    A well thought out and layed out, in depth course, it’s taken me from “umm can I do this” to “yes I can” it’s worth every penny as so much has been put into the video and into the book. I will be internally grateful to Jess for giving me the skills to go out there and take my photography to the next step. Thank you Jess this course nailed it. As they say up north, “that’ll do” thank you

  22. Andrea Sereni (verified owner)

    If you love dogs and take photos this is your course! I’m really happy (also sad) to have completed it. Jess is a great teacher, kind and competent. I recommend this course to anyone who want to improve fast and with a structured workflow.

  23. Abi Riley (verified owner)

    One of the most worth while things I’ve ever done! I started photography last year and fell upon That Tog spot pretty quickly as Jess is an excellent teacher and of course photographer. I decided to take the plunge with the course and I cannot believe the progress have made since! I have even managed to start up my own little pet photography business with my new found knowledge. I am one very very happy customer, 100% recommendation.

  24. Tanya Lee (verified owner)

    I have started a dozen photography classes and gotten bored or not found value in them. This was the FIRST one that not only did I thoroughly enjoy, but it took me outside of my comfort zone and allowed me to grow as a photographer. This course is well thought out, moves at the perfect pace and shows you techniques that I guarantee you didn’t know before, no matter how much experience you have had. A million thank yous to Jess for giving her knowledge to the rest of us. Don’t hesitate…if you are on the fence but want to improve your skills, this is absolutely the course for you. Worth it…very much worth it.

  25. Ayri Niemi (verified owner)

    As someone who has followed jess along my journey of discovering photography I can say whole heartedly “TAKE THIS COURSE!!” I have done several one to one’s with Jess and have learned so much from those session, I must say that even with the prior guidance I got so much from this course! I have learned theory and editing skills that I have scoured the internet for and never found. I cannot imagine my journey without Jess and the “That Tog Spot” team. Thank you all for putting this course together and for your continued work in this sphere. I will continue to follow you and gobble up all the knowledge I can. Thank you so much!

  26. Fleur HUTIN DEWILDE (verified owner)

    This course was absolutely fantastic. Jessica is an outsanding teacher. She takes you through the whole journey from the preparation of your shoot to the delivering of the pictures. This course was easy for a non native speaker like me to follow. It is technically spot on and so inspiring. I have improve so much thanks to this course. Thank you Jessica and your team.

  27. alix marina-chouhan (verified owner)

    Amazing course . Jess is a wonderful person as well as photographer and teacher. It is one special genre of editing- there are others- but the techniques and vision are super useful to know, then we can adapt them to what we want to produce.

  28. Toni Provencher (verified owner)

    I am so very fortunate to have stumbled upon Jess and MTOG last year. Being a part of this community and the education that Jess offers has helped me turn a passion and dream into a reality. The outdoor course is simply amazing and a must have!

  29. Judith Devine-Geuther (verified owner)

    This was a very satisfying course. I’ve taken many pet photography workshops all over the country, and I have spent more money and learned less. This course is loaded with information that was new to me, and the convenience of having the individual videos available to go back over and view them as much as I needed was priceless to me. Excellent course!

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What is The Book?

The Book is a 140+ page interactive companion to the online lessons, delivered direct to your door. It’s on Version 2 after being fleshed out further following the 2020 workshops and now contains a variety of notes, workflows and tools to give your learning an extra push. The book is:

  • Printed on quality recycled paper stock
  • Shipped to your door (worldwide delivery available)
  • Split into 3 sections just like the course: Theory, Shooting and Editing
  • Includes workflows and charts for ease
  • Features scannable codes to navigate to online lessons in a flash*
  • Covers both course content and additional chunks of information

* Course Access must be purchased to allow the codes to work for learners.

The Book is written in English by Jess and is in her normal language, no fanciness here. You can purchase it separately or together with the course lessons for a substantial discount.

Frequently Asked Questions

About the online course:

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How long do I get access for and can I extend this?

Access to the lessons is set at a specific length of 6 months by default. We would recommend taking your time to work through the lessons and practise each topic before moving on.

If at the end of the default access length you feel that you need more time, just send us an email and we’ll sort that as soon as possible. There is no charge for extending. Extensions are for 3 months but you can get lifetime access connected to an MTog membership if you need additional time.

How is the content delivered? Can I download the videos?

The lessons are delivered as videos that are viewable on any device. All video content is in Ultra HD 4k format, hosted securely away from this website for page speed reasons. The average file size of a lesson on this website is around 10GB and therefore downloading video content is not an option.

Some lessons have supporting downloads which are marked clearly with a large button, as well as a brief description of what you are downloading. These downloads are as small as we can possibly make them, but where multiple RAW files are being transferred, the size may put pressure on your internet connection. Please be patient, they will transfer!

Can I access the lessons in any order?

The first time you work through the course, you will need to follow the order provided. This is because the content was created to be delivered in that order, and future lessons will refer to things in previous lessons. 

After you have completed a lesson once, you can go back to it at any time, in any order. 

How is this course different to your YouTube videos?

YouTube is a platform governed by an algorithm, and as such, videos there are planned, constructed, edited and delivered in a specific way. Each video is short, fragmented and covers a teeny topic as quickly as possible with as little information as possible to get the topic explained. 

For example, there is a Composition video on the YouTube channel, there is also a composition section in this course. Couldn’t you just watch the YouTube video instead? You could for sure, but the YouTube video is around 7.5 minutes long (removing the intro and outro) and quick fires points on the basics of composition. The Composition section of this course is 43 minutes and 53 seconds long, deep dives into advanced compositional techniques with examples and walkthroughs. 

There will be familiarity with the YouTube content (if you have watched most of the channel!), but those are starting points, the foundations, that the course builds on. The content is not the same.

So, if you’ve seen your work change and improve from the channel, this step-by-step masterclass of this style of work adds all the missing chunks to bring everything together into one stunning piece of art.

Do I have to sign up within a specific time-frame?

No – this is not a gated enrolment. You can enrol for the course at any time, though any discount codes are likely to be time-restricted. The deadline for the code, if you have one, will be where you found the code (for example, in an email).

About The Book:

Why does The Book exist?
Why does The Book exist?

The Book, a 76-page landscape paperback book, was first created as a summary and reference guide of the content delivered on the in-person workshops. It was so well received that we felt it would be good to also provide an optional Book with the online version of these lessons.

The book was re-written and extended in its second edition, the one available in 2021, and is now made up of 142 pages split into 3 sections on theory, shooting and editing.

What is in The Book?

The Book contains supporting notes, examples and guides for the online course, including the original Sample Workflow. It is also linked via codes to the online lessons for interactive learning. 

It is available for purchase separately, but we think it works best with the course content.

I live in <country>, can I still have a copy of The Book?

Yes of course – we can ship to any country in the world, including Antarctica! So if you are living with the Polar Bears, we can get a Book out to you in less than 10 days.

Why is The Book heavily discounted with the course?

2 reasons. Firstly, the two were created together, so Jess feels that they should be received together. To make this as viable as possible for you, we’ve discounted it heavily if you bundle it with the course lessons. Secondly, if you’re already signing up for the course content, you will have paid for access to the secrets it contains so there is no reason for us to charge you twice for this information – and so we don’t! 

What others said about the in-person version of this course:

I joined this workshop to learn more about photo’ editing, but I learned so much more than this. I learned that the editing is like the candle on your birthday cake. It finishes it off well, but it’s really not that important. Jess is a very talented teacher with so much knowledge & a great way of delivering that knowledge. If anyone is in two minds about whether this workshop is worth the money, then my answer would be yes. Every single penny & then some.

The workshop was very well organised and it was very obvious how much time and effort had been put in to make sure everything ran smoothly. Jess was super helpful and made sure that everyone got as much out of the weekend as possible. I particularly liked book as it will be great to use as a reference point going forward.

I had a great couple of days, learning so much from Jess both in terms of looking at potential locations as well as a full editing workflow. As part of the workshop we were given a very professionally put together book covering all topics of the workshop, this was a very welcome surprise. All in all the workshop was extremely good value for money and I will be attending more of Jess’s workshops in the future.

If anyone is thinking about a workshop with Jess – do it!  Jess gave us lots of technical information but explained it in a simple and easy to understand way. The shoot in the afternoon was a learning experience in itself, learning what to look for and how to look for shoot locations.  Jess gave support and feedback throughout the shoot, helping us develop and learn.  The editing day was very informative, with Jess always on hand to give advice, explain techniques and help us learn what to look for in our images.  It was an excellent weekend, thank you Jess!

Anyone considering taking a step into dog photography should absolutely consider this course. I have been on many courses but this is by far and away been the best. Jess is very passionate and knowledgeable about her subject and keen to ensure you come away with the techniques to take you up a level.

Even though I thought I was competent at dog photography there is no doubt that this weekend course has lifted my standard up quite a few notches. To standards higher than I knew existed. The course is 10x more helpful than YouTube and we all know how good they are!

All I can say if you do not attend this you are missing out!

Not only is Jess an incredibly talented photographer, she’s also a phenomenal teacher! The workshop was challenging but Jess and her team walk you through every step of the way – the amount I’ve learnt from it is incredible! I was nervous about attending an advanced workshop because I don’t think of myself as ‘advanced’ but it was one of the best decisions I made. Such a fantastic experience and I can’t wait to put everything I’ve been taught into practice! Thank you 😀

I would highly recommend this workshop for any photographer as the hands-on experience is invaluable and after attending 4 workshops with Jess over 6 years, this has been my favourite and has helped me to continue my photography journey into a new direction 🙂

I would highly recommend the Advanced Portrait Workshop. Jess is not only highly knowledgeable and experienced in dog photography, but is also a great teacher who explains content clearly. The workshop book that was provided is a really valuable resource to refer back to, covering shoot theory and a step-by-step editing flowchart. My dog photography shooting and editing skills improved significantly over the weekend. Thanks Jess!

What a wonderful weekend! Jess covered everything from the very beginning making us think about things differently. The shoot afternoon was a big learning curve, as was the editing day. Be prepared to learn lots, and be absolutely shattered but raring to go after the 2 days.

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Student Gallery:

Images from participants.

Participants of the course submit an image at the start of the online course, which is used as a reference for their starting point. They then submit a second image at the very end of the online course. Those end images are displayed here:

Style Gallery:

My images in the style taught in this course:

Course Gallery:

My images shot within the shoots inside this course: