Pretty much as the title says, we’ve lost our minds this month and we’re going to TRY and upload a video a day for December. Yep, you read that right!

I don’t really know what possessed us to embark on this ridiculous mission but here we are and we’ve said it now so that’s that. Check out the split of what’s coming up here:

A video a day, how hard can it be?

Well my friends let me tell you:

Each video takes around 1 day (around 12 hours) to create and edit, then a further 2-3 hours of admin bits of

  • uploading,
  • keywording,
  • creating cover photos,
  • subtitling,
  • linking,
  • blogging,
  • sharing
  • replying to comments.

If it’s a “shoot” video, add an extra day to that time frame.

So we’re looking at between 15 and 27 hours per video. That means that for December (we’ve already started aaaages ago) but it’ll end up being around 486 hours of graft to pull this off. In the meantime, we’ve welcomed a puppy, have a full stack of work in and some other little secrets happening that mean this is insane.

But here we are.

To put that into perspective, my hourly rate in my other business is £50. If I were paid for the time that these 30 videos will take, that’s £24,300 – a full-time salary for a whole year. Madness.

My aim for December is to deliver educational, fun content that is suitable for everyone. To that end, there are basic and advanced tips, pro-level full edits and a whole load of dog training bits for good measure.

At the end of the month I am going to do a 2020 review where we’ll be honest and blunt about the year we’ve just had.

Are you in? I hope so!