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A learning & development option requested by photographers like you, for photographers like you.

The Premium Membership idea started with you, the community. You wanted more than the free content on YouTube, you wanted the opportunity to grow, progress, get feedback and more. You wanted to be the best photographer you could be, whilst being guided by Jess.

Premium Members of That Photography Spot (MTog’s) get more because they want it.

The aim: To create a positive movement from the That Photography Spot® community, enhancing each members photographic skill, technique and personal growth to empower them to do whatever they want to with their skills, whether that’s in business or pleasure.

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Why join though?

Nobody HAS to become a member, but the members will always get more. On top of the regular free content, MTog’s are extra special because they also get:

  • Access to a private VIP Facebook Community
  • 1 x in-depth individual monthly critique
  • 1 x extended webinar per month (at least 1!)
  • 1 x quarterly magazine delivered to your door
  • 3 x free annual awards entries
  • Monthly Q&A time with Jess
  • 10% off all TPS shop items (including one to ones!)
  • 20% off all TPS online courses 🤓
  • Lifetime access to any enrolled courses
  • PS Actions/LR Presets of any technique covered
  • Bonus videos for personal & professional growth
  • Access to scaling certifications (the BTog, STog & GTog)
  • Membership & certification badges for marketing

And if that wasn’t enough, members also get first dibs on any and all new things. Sneaky little ones they are. That’s a combined value of at least £201.25 per month, without factoring in any MTog discounts on individual training and courses!

Why Jessica McGovern?

“Oh hey there, it’s me. I hate talking about myself like this but I think it is needed here and community member Susann Kostorz said I should. Why me? Here’s why, I…

  • believe sharing knowledge is VITAL for personal growth
  • am a qualified Fellow with the Master Photographers
  • achieved 28 Merits in one competition season
  • achieved 22 Finalists in the same season
  • won 4 Titles in the same season (2 international)
  • have taught photography successfully since 2014
  • am a fully qualified CIM Strategic Marketer
  • run 2 x successful businesses
  • am apparently an “influencer” with a freaking awesome community of legends, and if that isn’t enough then I don’t know what is

*also, I have a dry sense of humour that sometimes verges into the painfully sarcastic. Welcome and hi!”

The real question is:

How much do you want to grow?

We’ve listened and added WAY more on a rolling 30-day basis to give you more, if you want to grow more:

Please note: All MTog’s will need to agree to a Code of Conduct which outlines what Jess expects of everyone in the Premium Community. You will have access to this Code before you complete the sign-up. MTog’s must remain active in the Premium Community for a minimum of 3 months. After 3 months, any member can cancel their membership and leave the Premium Community, or members can request to have their membership paused if they need to take a learning holiday for a short while. It’s all good, we’ve got you!

Frequently Asked Questions

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How long do I get access for?

Membership access rolls monthly in nearly all cases, so the second you join the community, your access begins. Everything you need will be on the Members Home Page, linked in the main menu above. You get access from this point onwards unless you decide to leave us, in which case your access will stop immediately.

It’s kind of that simple – you have access for as long as you want it!

How is the educational content delivered?

Yep, you guessed it, video. Monthly premium webinars are all recorded and uploaded to the Members Home Page. Additional educational content is also available in here, as well as your monthly critique if you choose to enter. 

You will need to be logged in with an active membership to access the Members Home Page though, so please triple-check that you are before you head over there!

Can I access past content?

Yes. Monthly webinars are available for at least 12 months in most cases but if the content is something particularly timeless, vital or otherwise, the content will remain indefinitely. We roll the content with the months to ensure membership is fair for every single member, old or new!

If you’re really stuck on something, just let us know and we’ll probably have a recording of that to hand that we can share with you 🙂

What are the in-depth critique things?

You may know of the monthly challenge over on YouTube which contain a short, brief critique of some of the entries. This is kind of like that, only more in-depth, focussed and directed to you as an individual in your stage of your own journey.

For example, you can opt to enter an image and receive feedback on it at one of the three certification levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. If you request Gold, for example, your image will be critiqued very firmly and strictly in line with both technical and competition points, in your own style of work.

In this way, members get the best critique possible for their work at the level they are working at or towards, and nothing else.

A magazine? What!?

Well, sometimes things are better if they’re in print. In the magazine, we’ll be preparing info-packed educational resources, interviews, news and behind the scenes bits into one volume every 3 months. The printed magazine will be posted to you, wherever you live in the world, and you don’t need to pay a penny extra for it.

As with all of our posted bits, please recycle the packaging and the item when you are confident you no longer need it.

Magazines are shipped out on standard economy shipping, please visit the book FAQs for more information on estimated shipping times.

What is a certification?

The certifications are benchmarks for standards within the community and they follow the tried and tested industry-wide process that every photography organisation has in place. They consist of a panel of images and a supporting photographers profile submitted at one of three levels, BTog, STog and GTog. Successful certification submissions are published on the Find a Photographer page for the general public to view, however, you can opt to have yours hidden if you prefer. 

Do I get direct access to Jess though?

Yep. The monthly Q&As are unrestricted time to jump in and ask questions. You can also submit questions in advance with supporting files if needed.

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