I cannot believe I am writing this. It’s 11:56am on Thursday 25th February and we have just tipped past 10,000 subscribers on YouTube. I just can’t even process this. I remember being genuinely overwhelmed when That Dog Spot (at the time) hit 1000 subscribers. I didn’t think that was possible at the time. But look at us now, 1 year after committing to an upload a week we’ve smashed 10,000 in our wonderful community and for that, I can only thank you all.

It’s really nice actually that this hit at the same time as something else could be released. The video on all of this plus a short Q&A from the Instagram story on 7th February can be seen here:

So, how are we celebrating 10k?

1. A Giveaway

Probably with an alcoholic beverage and a takeaway pizza to be honest. But online, we want to give back too. Bryt very kindly jumped at the opportunity to earn snacks for a gift bag photo so we’re doing a giveaway! The giveaway is live for 1 week only and all the info for that can be found on Facebook or Instagram (or both!). Just look for this image:

2. An Online Course!

Ok so this was going to be released on Friday 26th February anyway, but how nice is it that we can coincide the two together?!

After oooooodles of requests for additional photoshop tuition for absolute beginners who are finding the online tutorials too complex to follow, I just popped a whole host of the core things into a specific, structured, resource-packed online photography course – Photoshop for Beginners. This will take you from “I’m terrified of Photoshop” to “I can follow any online Tutorial with confidence”. Enjoy!

I am closely watching any and all requests that come through The Request Box for common themes (like Photoshop help as a beginner), and I’m grouping requests together to either create a specific YouTube video for the request or, if the content is too long/too complex for YouTube, it’ll be created and transitioned into an online course.

There are 3 additional courses in production at the moment. I cannot share what these are on, but those who have requested specific things know theirs are being produced. One of those three “in production” courses is the project we have previously discussed in the Facebook Group (thank you for the “YES” for this!). I’ve done the recording for the first 4 sections of that already – we’re on location finding next.