Come learn with me through an

Online Course.

As the number of requests and online one-to-ones increases, Jess is gradually grouping regular requests into common topics. Where possible, the request/topic will receive a YouTube video, but where the content is going to be too long or too specific for a YouTube video, the same request will be answered here, as an online photography course. There is no start dates for this content, you can have it whenever you need it!

Jess is very keen to keep learning at a low cost, as such the aim with the online photography courses is to keep them at a reasonable cost to the student, one that would be lower than receiving the same tuition in-person with Jess (either online or in real life!). 

Please view the current online courses available for immediate access below. Click on any to view information, preview the content and find the sign up options: 

Photoshop For Beginners

Format: Online Photography Course Level: Absolute Beginner

Outdoor Canine Portrait Workshop

Format: Online Photography Course Level: Mid – Advanced

Business Bootcamp

Format: Online Course Level: Any

LOST SOULS – Concept to Canvas

Format: Online Behind The Scenes Walkthrough Level: Any

Lightroom for beginners

Format: Online Photography CourseLevel: Absolute Beginner

Photography for beginners

Format: Online Photography CourseLevel: Beginner