I know I know, I forgot to write this accompanying post for the Full Edit: Dog Photography Photoshop Tutorial video! I am so sorry guys! I was too excited about the full video that I completely forgot. There is no valid excuse, I know. The video, by the way, is here:

Ok so in this video we cover a LOAD of different things. I’ll just list them here for you to peruse but the video itself is chopped up into these “chapters” which YouTube will use to help you navigate to specific things anyway.

Dog Photography Photoshop Tutorial:

  • Getting from Lightroom to PS – 2:08
  • PS Commences – 2:43
  • Image Clean-up – 3:18
  • Initial Master Moves 4:48
  • Colour/Tone Alterations – 7:35
  • Moveable Colour – 11:54
  • Vignetting – 14:55
  • Fixing Coat Cast (white areas) – 16:03
  • Shaping Light/Contouring – 17:37
  • Bringing Down Highlights – 22:30
  • Gradient Foreground – 26:06
  • Blurring Stuff – 27:17
  • Tidy Up – 29:54
  • Exporting for JPG (NO BANDING) – 31:01
  • Exporting for Social (the “right” way) – 32:52

As you can see, we run through a fair few tools along the way as part of this dog photography photoshop tutorial and you guys may be thinking, why is Jess making Pippi so red and dark? Well, that’ll be YouTube’s weird video processing making my colour go to poop – the final image looks a bit more like this, which, on a calibrated screen, looks perfectly fine:

You may be thinking, “I don’t want brighter, warmer photo’s though” – no worries, you’ll just be doing some different colour selections on your Colour/Tone alterations, Movable Colour and Basic Vignette sections. The principles remain the same, but the application differs a little, that’s all.

I’m not going to type out what the video covers here because we’ll be here all day, but you can watch the video in slow motion with subtitles on if you need to. Whilst we’re here, here’s a few images edited using the exact same techniques:

that dog spot portfolio
that dog spot portfolio
that dog spot portfolio

How did you get on? Let me know!

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