We’re changing and it’s scary.

I want to let you know about a mega change happening this week and honestly, I really hope you stick with us. If you don’t have time to (or want to) read my little letter to you, feel free to watch this video instead:

Here’s my little letter to you all,

2020 was mad. Like, if you were to explain what would happen in that year, nobody would have believed you. So when, in February 2020, we decided to make content about dog photography for free in free time, it was never really something that we thought would go mad. Well, I didn’t anyway.

But, because it was 2020, nothing went as expected and, as a result, we’ve experienced growth and outreach like we never thought possible. The vocation is now an occupation and we can’t deny that the journey has been a mixture of rough and smooth, good and bad, yay and absolutely no thank you.

In October 2020 I won the International Pet Photographer of the Year title through the MPAs awards, this you probably know. But you probably didn’t know that between then and the end of the year, I made it as a finalist in a yet-to-be-announced international Equine Photography competition, and I’ve won Gold in a commercial category for an off-camera flash 30-shot composite image of a tractor, for a commercial client.

You see, the techniques and knowledge aren’t just applicable to dogs. In fact, they’re applicable to any genre of photography (yes, portraits more often than not!), and by December all of us here were painfully aware that we’d boxed ourselves in.

Armed with a string of content ideas and absolutely nowhere appropriate to put them, the team here (Dan, Colin, Jo and Josh) and me all came together to approve a rebrand. 

Essentially, we’re staying exactly the same but just adding a little more variety. There will be some things changing, these are:

  • That Dog Spot > That Photography Spot™
  • www.thatdogspot.co.uk > www.thattogspot.com
  • Instagram & Facebook handles to @thattogspot

Remaining the same will be:

  • Online one to ones
  • The Dog Photo Facebook critique group
  • The monthly round-up emails
  • The videos every week

Going away will be:

  • Offline/in-person workshops in Yorkshire (The last one will be in April 2021)

Being added will be:

2021 also has a number of very exciting developments that I has been invited to participate in. These include but are not limited to speaking at some insanely big events (more news on that when I’m allowed to say so!), acting as an accredited trainer, acting as an accredited mentor and a number of written projects too.

Your support throughout the crazy year of 2020 has allowed us to do these things. It wouldn’t happen without you and we hope that you can continue to learn and grow with us this year too.

If you want out, that’s ok – we understand – we wish you all the very best! (I really do hope you’ll stay!)

With love,

Me and the team

Here’s what’s changing:

We’re changing from:

  • That Dog Spot
  • thatdogspot.co.uk
  • @thatdogspotphoto
  • c/ThatDogSpot
  • [email protected]
  • Being 100% dog focussed…

and switching over to:

  • That Photography Spot™
  • thattogspot.com
  • @thattogspot
  • c/ThatPhotographySpot
  • [email protected]
  • Being 100% photography focussed.